Don’t let water damage devastate your home. Our water damage restoration services make life easy.

water damage inside home

There are few things more stressful than seeing your property under water or personal belongings floating in a pool of water. Water damage claims account for more than 50% of property claims annually and can occur as a result of:

  • Construction defects

  • Plumbing failures

  • Damage from freezing

  • Improper maintenance

  • Roof leaks

  • Natural disasters/flooding

The immediate questions that arise after water damage has occurred are “What do I do now?” “Do I need to call my insurance company?” “How much is this going to cost?”   Lightning Restoration is here to guide you through the water damage restoration process.  Our extensive experience handling insurance claims and water damage for property owners will help streamline the process and put your mind at ease. Learn more about our team. 

Lightning Restoration’s Water Damage Restoration Process

The most critical element of restorative drying is an immediate response. Our technicians are IICRC certified in water remediation and will arrive on-site within 2 hours after receiving your call. Lightning Restoration follows the established IICRC guidelines for water restoration and a 4 step mitigation process of:

  • Assessment

  • Documentation

  • Controlled drying

  • Selective replacement

We will employ the latest techniques and utilize the most advanced equipment available to maximize drying efficiency and minimize the costs to you and your insurance company.

“How wet is it?”

During the assessment phase, information is gathered to determine if the material is restorable. Moisture readings are taken and the information is documented and analyzed to determine the correct amount and type of equipment necessary for the drying process.

“Is it Drying?”

Once a restorative drying process is implemented, daily monitoring of the drying progress is noted and the data recorded. If the materials are making significant progress after 24 hours, the drying continues with no major changes in equipment or technique while the progress is monitored and documented until the drying is complete.

“It is not Drying.”

If the materials are not drying as anticipated, the equipment and drying system are re-evaluated to determine what modifications need to be made to effectively complete the restorative drying process. Lightning Restoration remains in constant communication with the property owner and the insurance company throughout the process.

Trust Lightning Restoration to handle your water damage claim and restore your property back to it’s original condition. Our water restoration services provide:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response.
  • Detailed assessment and moisture mapping, including a summary of procedures for remediation.
  • Use of high quality equipment, including dehumidifiers and high capacity air movers.
  • Air purification and deodorization.
  • Application of Anti-Microbial.
  • Sewage Back-Up Decontamination.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Professional assistance through the insurance claims process, when necessary.

Lightning Restoration of the Carolinas is THE answer for mold removal, fire and water restoration and site inventories and cleanup. Residential or commercial, we have you covered. Make the one call that solves it all…