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Lightning Restoration is a mold remediation company providing mold treatment solutions throughout Waynesville NC and the surrounding areas. Our mold specialists are trained and certified to handle mold inspections, mold cleanup, and any black mold removal that you might need.

Whether you are purchasing a new home/business, suffered a recent leak, found odd looking spots on your wall, or are just concerned about the air quality in your current property, Lightning Restoration can help you with a home mold inspection and assessment. Our trained and certified mold inspectors will walk you through the process and explain what the results mean once they return from the lab. These mold inspection results will identify any mold spores that are present in the air and will describe some of the symptoms that this mold can cause. While not all species of mold are dangerous, the presence of elevated mold levels in any structure can be hazardous to the occupants.

Our Waynesville mold cleanup services are designed to handle mold in any part of your home. Whether you have mold in the basment, crawlspace, attic, or in your living space, we can handle it all, including toxic mold.

Extended exposure to mold can lead to much more serious symptoms, it is our goal at Lightning Restoration to find and handle your mold removal and cleanup before it can cause serious harm to anyone living or working in your building.

Some of the symptoms related to mold exposure are:

  • Persistent coughing
  • Headaches
  • Frequent chest colds
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Inflammation of the sinuses
  • General fatigue and lethargy

Mold Removal Waynesville NC

Mold Remediation Waynesville NC

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that can be found both inside and outside of buildings. The exact number of species of fungi is unknown, but it is estimated to be in the tens of thousands or possibly even up to three hundred thousand or more. Mold thrives in warm, damp and humid environments, & spreads by releasing spores. These spores can survive even in harsh environmental conditions.

Nationwide Concern:

Over the last 20 years, mold contamination problems have been thrust into the national spotlight across the country. Mold exposure can have serious health implications to the health. Mold exposure has been linked to an extensive list of medical issues, including allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, nose & throat irritation, skin irritation, and permanent respiratory and nervous system deficiencies. Mold can be found in house, including in furniture, carpets, drywall, and upholstery. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, “Most molds will not harm most people; however, some molds will affect any person and some people can be affected by any mold”. The very young (under 6 years old) and the elderly (over 60 years old) are most susceptible to mold exposure. People with severe allergies or lowered immunities can also have serious reactions to mold exposure.

Failure to properly address water intrusion that results in mold contamination on your Waynesville property, can cause significantly more damage as mold and fungi grow. To deal with mold contamination, you need to have a professional mold removal and remediation company in Waynesville NC extract the mold and properly treat the property. Don’t rely on the “expertise” of Non-Experts! The most common misconception for both black mold removal and mold removal in general is, “Just spray bleach on it”. However, bleach is comprised of 90% water and will not eliminate the problem and can make the situation worse.


Mold Cleanup Waynesville NC

  • Free Evaluation: Lightning Restoration will come to the property, evaluate the situation and provide an estimate for the dry-out and the mold removal and/or black mold removal.
  • Assessment: We carry out visual mold assessments of the building’s environmental condition, this may include the use of both invasive and non-invasive moisture meters, infrared cameras, and internal wall inspections with a borescope.
  • Identify the source: Lightning Restoration will identify the source of the moisture so that it can be eliminated.
  • Containment: It is important to contain mold damage before the removal efforts commence. Our containment process ensures that mold will not cross-contaminate into other unaffected areas of the property.
  • Remediation: Lightning Restoration provides expert mold remediation services utilizing the latest state-of-the-science technology and techniques. Our staff are Nationally & State certified and licensed to complete a full Mold Remediation. We utilize a HEPA filtration cleaning system to ensure that the property is returned to “normal fungal ecology”.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee 100% of our work.
  • Insurance Claims: Lightning Restoration will assist you with the claims process and work directly with your insurance company, including direct billing them for the mold cleaning services we provide.

If you think you may require mold removal, contact Lightning Restoration today to schedule a mold assessment with our mold inspectors. If mold is found, you’ll get the best mold remediation possible in Waynesville NC from Lightning Restoration.

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