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“This is an excellent company with high integrity, and they can really help from the assessment of the damage, helping you negotiate the insurance works, all the way through the repair of the damages. And most importantly, you can trust them.” – JoJo Y.


Fire damage restoration is a really difficult task to do. The fire itself is a traumatic thing to witness and it is unfortunate to have an accident like that. The loss of your Rosman home or personal items from fire is a devastating thing. Taking on the task of fire damage cleanup can be equally stressful for homeowners. Also, fire damage can come from different sources. It could be due to an electrical source, gas, or chemical source or it could be due to natural causes like forest fires. Nonetheless, it is still equally harrowing. Salvaging the part of the home that got affected by the fire is necessary. To do this properly, you need help from a team such as Lightning Restoration. We can help you with all your fire restoration needs in Rosman NC, including fire damage repair, smoke damage cleanup, smoke odor removal, and content cleaning.


Fire Damage Restoration Company Rosman NCOur fire and smoke damage cleaning company professionals can help you to prevent further damage to your valuables and home. We will use our smoke remediation and fire clean up services to remove the smoke odor and soot from your home and belongings (if possible). We will help you return your property to its original, pre-fire condition.

State-of-the-art equipment is used to restore your home, and our smoke damage cleaners can also eliminate the smoke and other offensive odors caused by fire. We handle all fire and smoke damage repairs, including content clean up of your possessions. Finally, we will clean and sanitize your home to complete the fire remediation process.

We are a fire damage restoration company, serving Rosman NC and the surrounding areas. We are staffed by fire clean up specialists who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you need fire damage restoration service, call us as soon as possible before the damage worsens. Our emergency fire services team will successfully mitigate the effects of fire and smoke damage quickly and will strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Fire Damage Repair Rosman NC

Every year, thousands of homes and businesses suffer fire or smoke damage. If damages are not addressed quickly, smoke/soot can permanently damage otherwise unaffected metal fixtures in your home or office including sink faucets, door handles, and air vents. It is imperative to immediately contact a professional remediation service that is experienced in fire and smoke damage restoration in Rosman NC.

Understanding how different materials react to fire, heat, and smoke and what steps are required to minimize the damage during the cleaning and repair process is crucial. Lightning Restoration has a team of fully licensed, highly trained technicians who are IICRC certified in fire and smoke damage restoration. Treatment of your property typically includes smoke and odor removal, detailed cleaning and sanitation, specialized deodorization, and air vent and duct cleaning. We perform all the necessary services required by your insurance company while working with the local fire and police department to preserve, protect, and secure your home.


Our fire restoration company can help to prepare an estimate for you to submit your insurance company. Filing initial insurance claims promptly is an important step in the process of recovery from a fire, and many people often overlook this important act. Failure to submit a claim for payment early can possibly delay subsequent timely payments which can be frustrating and a great inconvenience to you while your property is being restored. We can help you get your fire damage insurance claim process moving quickly from the onset.


Fire Damage Cleanup Rosman NC

Time shouldn’t have to be spent looking for fire damage restoration companies near you. You’ve just experienced a tragedy to your property. Whether you need commercial, industrial, or residential fire damage restoration in Rosman, the fire reclamation team at Lightning Restoration is fast to act. We will be on our way within the hour of your call and can help you any time of day. House fires are truly tragic and can be frightening experiences – you need Rosman fire damage cleaning experts to assist with the recovery and help take a load off of your shoulders, so you can get back to a normal lifestyle much sooner than you ever thought possible.

Lightning Restoration will restore your property to it’s original condition quickly and affordably:

  • 24/7 Emergency board up.
  • Detailed valuation of non-restorable content items.
  • Environmentally friendly procedures used in cleaning smoke residue from your home or business.
  • Smoke odor removal, sanitation, and air purification.
  • Use of high-quality equipment for drying from fire extinguishing efforts. This includes dehumidifiers and high capacity air movers.
  • Professional assistance through the insurance claims process.
  • Immediate response by IICRC
  • Certified/Trained professional staff members.

Lightning Restoration of the Carolinas is THE answer for restoration and site inventories and cleanup. Residential or commercial, we have you covered. Make the one call that solves it all…